Friday, 26 November 2010 01:07 RTI Applications - RTI Applications

Period pertaining to information: 2005 To 2010

Information Sought

1. How many people are BPL card holders in the above mentioned village?
Provide a list of such card holders with following particulars:
• Name of the card holder
• Father’s Name
• Card Number
• Number of members on the card (unit)

2. On what basis was the BPL card for the above mentioned card holders made? Provide a copy of the
documents submitted by the cardholders for the same.

3. When was the last survey for the BPL selection in the above mentioned village done? Provide a copy of
the survey report, also specify the name and designation of the survey officer.

4. What were the criteria/yardsticks employed for the various families in the BPL selection survey?
Provide a copy of the related governing orders/rules/directions.

5. Was a review done after the above mentioned survey? If, yes then provide a copy of the related

6. Provide a copy of the governing order/rules and directions related to the review.

7. Was a case of any irregularity reported during the survey? If yes, then what action was taken on the
complaint? Provide a copy of the related details.8.List of people who have been issued BPL and Antodaya
cards along with the basis on which each one of them has been so selected

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