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Kindly provide me with the following information requested under the purview of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

With respect to the order issued against my first appeal orders issued : 03/08-09 (RTI) 12518/30/09/09 by Deputy Collector & First Appeal Officer D.I.E.T. Gwalior ( Refer Spporting Document Enclosure 05, Pg. 9 of 11 documents attached here-below.

First Appellate Officer Name & Address is herebelow:

Mr. Niyaz Ahmed 

Deputy Collector &  First Appellate Officer,

D.I.E.T Gwalior, Collector Office, Gorkhi, District - Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, M.P.

Questions raised were as follows:

1. To provide the datewise information of applicant appearing Late in the office and SCN (So called Notice) ever issued to the applicant by the Principal D.I.E.T Gwalior for     

the duration 2005 till  28.01.2009.

2.  (i) To provide the information of applicant - Under his responsibility ever reported late in the "School monitoring" program of D.I.E.T Gwalior for the duration 2005 till 02.02.2009 ?      

(ii) Proving the list of academic activities and various training programs  in which the applicant under his responsiblity in D..I.E.T. Gwalior has not participated for the duration 2005  till   02.02.2009.     

(iii)  To provide the order copy issued by the Principal-D.I.E.T. Gwalior (Mrs. Nisha Dey ) asking the applicant to undergo SRG (State Resource Group-Training) & DRG (District Resource Group- Training) and Master Trainer for the duration 2005 till 02.02.2009.      

(iv)   To provide the information for list of training program for the year 2005 till 02.02.2009 for which applicant has taken leave without any reason.    

3.  To provide the Roster inspection report as on 01.09.2007 sent to Rajya Shiksha Kendra Bhopal from D.I.E.T. Gwalior stating the applicant status as "On the Post" or "Against the

Post" as a Reader in D.I.E.T Gwalior.  

4.  Providng wrong information to the applicant stating "No OSD Post" ever created in D.I.E.T. Gwalior (Refer Page 5 of 11) by the order of Principal whereas the applicant has provided the proof of overwriting in the order book of D.I.E.T Gwalior "O.S.D to Junior Lecturer (Proof enclosed of overwriting Refer Page 3 & 4 )  

5.   As per Madhya Pradesh Raj Patra Dtd. 28.08.2002 Page No. 804(13) states clearly of acquiring the order -  "in case non-acadamic work is given to the Teacher", Refer Page 05 enclosed where RTI officer D.I.E.T. Gwalior (Mrs. Nisha Dey ) has violated State directive by saying the arrangment as an "internal matter" and no need of State      

Directive as required;  in my application, hence an amendment is required by the applicant on the decision given by the First Appealte Officer directing the appropriate order in this case after verifying the records as stated here-in above. 

Find the application fee for the request attached with this application(Indian Postal Order No. _________dated __________ is enclosed).If you feel that above requested information does not pertain to your department then please follow the provisions of Section 6(3) of the RTI Act, 2005/Also as per the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005 please provide the details (Name and Designation) of the first appellate authority w.r.t to your department with the reply to the above request., where I may if required file my first appeal.

I do hereby declare that I am a citizen of India.Kindly provide me with the information at the address/email id mentioned with the application. I request you to ensure that the information is provided before the expiry of the 30 day period after you have received the application.

Umesh Chandra Pant (Reader-D.I.E.T-Gwalior)

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