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Saturday, 08 September 2012 15:14 Alinawaz Nanjee Others

Regarding: Interview Process

Particulars of information required: As per list mentioned below

1) Names of Candidates Applied for CSR officer Position (All) with their resumes.

2) Names of Candidates Shortlisted for Interview for CSR Position with their Resumes/Bio-data/ Curriculum Vite

3) Criteria used for Short listing Candidates for CSR Position

4) Name's of Interviewee for CSR Position and date of Interview

5) Remuneration offered to selected candidate

6) Reasons for not selecting other candidates who were not selected in short listing

7) Previous work experience of selected candidate in CSR field

Sunday, 19 August 2012 23:06 Shivaraj Public Interest

This is in reference to statement made by Anand Sharma

he says "Cattle and buffaloes which account for over 60 per cent of meat production, are primarily reared for milk and towards the end of their productive life, are utilised for meat production. A ban on meat production or export would lead to an abnormal rise of unproductive animals which is inconsistent with sound animal husbandry practices,"

This is news to me because animals are sentient beings capable of thought and emotion, including love and suffering like humans and get old like human beings.

1. The present set of ministers including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are well above 70 and 80 in the cabinet. Most of them are so old that they don't even have energy to speak to public regularly. How productive are "spent and old humans " when compared with "spent and unproductive animals"?

2. Does ministry plan to dispose off 'spent prostitutes (who are humans)' after 'productive ages'  of prostitution or when sex workers reach age of lets say UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi or even former spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi. Does ministry sell/kill the unproductive folks of their family. how productive are old humans for country eating pension and taxpayers' money?

3. How does the ministry view 'mining' and 'export of raw minerals' - both through foreign companies even when fertility of soil is not reduced and it is productive, even when people are well populating such places. Is this racism against those inhabiting mineral rich states like Karnataka , Jharkhand or Orissa. Is this displacement and racism also enshrined in constitution because the amount of HDI of these states are very low.

4. Does the constitution enshrine destroying animals and environment for profit making over humans. Does it enshrine politicians who are also humans never become unproductive till death?

5. why does government have to participate in such export activities? Is it not insulting principles of constitution when the humans are peacefully living with flora and fauna?

please send the answers as soft copy to email not wasting papers.

Sunday, 19 August 2012 13:46 Dr KIRANKUMAR B D Public Interest

Details of electrification

Public Information Officers

Karnataka Electricity Regulation Commission –GESCOM

Superintending Engineer

O & M Circle Division




Sub: Application under the RTI Act, 2005


Kindly provide information related to the electricity system of the BIDAR DISTRICT

1. According to the departmental record, How many houses in the above mentioned Bidar district , Taluka Wise (URBAN AND RURAL ) have an M.S. electricity connection from 2005 till date (power supply  to multistoried buildings installations in the perview of regulation amended KERC/GESCOM Distribution code- 2006 according to which Assessment area of constructed building is more than 500 Sq. mt)?

2. Provide the names and addresses of each such house with date of sanction

3. Provide the sanctioning officers names

§ The Asst. Engineer and Asst.Executive Engineer O & M Sub-division GESCOM (taluka wise)

§ Asst.Executive Engineer O & M and The executive engineer O & M division office each taluka

§ The Asst. Engineer O & M and Asst.Executive Engineer O & M and The Executive Engineer O & M and Superintending Engineer Ele O & M Office of the Superintending Engineer Ele O & M Circle GESCOM, BIDAR

4. Number of houses having Five And Above AEH installation under their building each taluka wise, urban and rural in Bidar District

Saturday, 18 August 2012 22:38 Mahesh Deepak Shetye Examination/Education

My information:-

Name:- ******

P.R. No:- *******


Information Required:-

1) Total number of students who graduated in the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Branch from Goa University in 2009.

2) Number of students who scored more than 1727 marks out of 2350 in the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering branch in 2009.

Saturday, 18 August 2012 11:50 Arun Kumar Public Interest


This has reference to the special trains provided to the North East residents of India following the rumors about they being under threat. This was around Aug 15, 2012. It came to my notice that 2 special trains were provided from Bangalore and the following day, one special train was provided from Hyderabad to Guwahati.

I wish to know (with supporting papers if possible) who sanctioned the special trains for these people and on whose orders. Also, since the trains were provided too quickly to deal with exodus, did the government already know these people will be leaving south India or was it a time-based action taken by government to prevent further mayhem? Please send me copied of supporting documents wherever possible.

Thanks & Regards,



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